Muscle Mary: On A Hot Sunday Afternoon June 2008


On a hot Sunday afternoon, I decided to watch a little TV. I rarely have an opportunity so I thought I would. I came across this fantastic show on BBC America. The name of this great program is simply……. You Are What You Eat. Even across the pond our British friends have the same problem us Yanks have, obesity. This problem is not only here in our country but other parts of the world.  Lack of exercise and poor lifestyle choices can lead to dangerous health issues. Poor choices can sometimes result in DEATH!

On the program, Holistic Nutritionist, Gillian Mc Kieth is called in to help someone who has hit the wall and desperately needs help.  A food journal is then written of all that is consumed in a week by the victim. Most diets are filled with convenient foods with a high sodium content and not a lot of nutritional value. As a visual, they gather up ALL of the food eaten in a week and then they look at it. Without knowing it, we can and do consume a lot of food. This visual aid is a big eye opener. It is amazing how there are people who never eat a vegetable! Then they come up with a plan for 8 weeks. Exercise and healthy eating make such a big difference. Gillian does a tough love approach. What a difference! Healthy choices result in a body that functions properly! Not only the apparent visual aspect but our bodies need to function at a better capasity.The right diet with fruits and vegetables and proper proteins make us mentally sharper,  have more energy, and help our digestive system  to run the way it is suppose to! People have better color to their skin as well as lose weight and have better self esteem.

We have become a society that has become so dependent on convenience and indulgence!  With everything at our fingertips we have become fat and sassy. Fast food and portion sizes out of control don’t help. There are a lot of excuses for not getting out and moving our bodies! If you think about it, what do we really have? Our bodies!! That is it! A lot of health issues can be avoided, diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure are just a few.  It is all about lifestyle change. It might seem hard at first because the body has to get use to a new routine. Detoxing from bad eating habits and starting on an exercise plan may seem so hard but after about 8 weeks or so your body will respond to the new way and will give back with many wonderful things. Fad diets don’t work!!! Lifestyle changes work and WORK WELL!!!

You are what you eat!!!!  Put a little effort into yourself. Not only will you look better you will definitely feel better! It is really that simple. Our health is worth so much. Positive choices produce positive results! Invest in yourself. You will be glad you did!