Cardio vs. Weight Training

Cardio vs. Weight Training By: Karla Adams For most, the solution to weight loss is to cut back on the meals and start doing lots of extra cardio. Most people feel this is the answer [...]

Lopergram, Tegla Loroupe

Lopergram Tegla Loroupe By: Karla Adams Tegla Loroupe, a world class athlete that ranks sixth in the world for the full marathon with a Personal best of 2:20:43 at the Berlin Marathon, is much more [...]

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LA Marathon

LA Marathon March 2008 By: Alejandra Negrete Joining the Lopers in 2007 was best thing I did to help me achieve my ultimate goal of completing my first marathon.  This past year was a year of [...]

Mom’s on the Run

Oxygenfit News Letter: Mom's on the Run, December 2007 By: Karla Adams   Does having a baby or taking care of kids mean no time for exercise or no time to eat right? No way! How [...]

What to eat for Long Distance training

What to eat for Long Distance training   By: Karla Adams, Lopergram CARBOHYDRATES: Carbohydrates are your body’s main source of energy. When eaten, they convert into glucose. Glucose is used by the body for energy [...]

The Marathoners Weight Loss Diet

The Marathoners Weight Loss Diet By: Karla Adams There are a large number of people that use “marathoning” to aid in weight loss. Highly effective weight loss programs consist of weight training, cardio, and the [...]