Muscle Magazine

Dear La Rue – Muscle Magazine 2006
La Rue:
I absolutely love your MAG! They supply copies regularly here at the gym where I workout (Tournament House inMax Muscle Magazine Riverside, Ca) I read it faithfully and look forward to picking up each new issue. I especially like the articles on supplements and diet-they have helped me so much in my training. Thank you!

I am 51 years old. It dawned on me a few years ago that if I wanted to stay in shape as I got older, I was going to have to put forth some sort of effort and do it consistently. Instead of just “dabbling” in fitness, nutrition and workouts, I made the decision to make it a very large proactive part of my life.

I have become so passionate about weight training that I decided to take things “up a level” and fulfill a lifelong dream of doing a bodybuilding competition. On June 23, 2007, I competed in the Ironman’s IFBB JR Cal in Pasadena, CA. (masters figure). I took 4th in my division and 8th in my class. It was both fun and an exciting learning experience for me!

I also do running and have completing several marathons and half marathons. I’d like to someday in the near future try a triathlon.

It is my personal believe that “baby boomers” need a diet and workout regime perhaps even more so than our younger counterparts. Diet and exercise is indeed the true “fountain of youth” and the key to healthier living! If I can do it, other women (men too!) over 40 can as well.

I have taken the liberty of enclosing some recent PICS taken of me. Would your magazine ever consider doing a feature about a “baby boomer” like me?

Keep up the great work or “keep on keepin’ on” I like to say!

-Nancy (3rd image on the bottom from the left)