Cardio vs. Weight Training

Cardio vs. Weight Training By: Karla Adams For most, the solution to weight loss is to cut back on the meals and start doing lots of extra cardio. Most people feel this is the answer for burning up that extra fat, leaving us lean and toned and ready to show off our abs, right? Well [...]

Lopergram, Tegla Loroupe

Lopergram Tegla Loroupe By: Karla Adams Tegla Loroupe, a world class athlete that ranks sixth in the world for the full marathon with a Personal best of 2:20:43 at the Berlin Marathon, is much more than an amazing athlete! She is a woman with a heart of gold and runs all over the world influencing [...]

LA Marathon

LA Marathon March 2008 By: Alejandra Negrete Joining the Lopers in 2007 was best thing I did to help me achieve my ultimate goal of completing my first marathon.  This past year was a year of both sadness and happiness.  Having had a baby and losing my mother to breast cancer were events in my life [...]

Mom’s on the Run

Oxygenfit News Letter: Mom's on the Run, December 2007 By: Karla Adams   Does having a baby or taking care of kids mean no time for exercise or no time to eat right? No way! How can you not exercise or eat right! I know, I know time is always a factor. What that means is [...]

What to eat for Long Distance training

What to eat for Long Distance training   By: Karla Adams, Lopergram CARBOHYDRATES: Carbohydrates are your body’s main source of energy. When eaten, they convert into glucose. Glucose is used by the body for energy or stored in the muscles and liver as glycogen, which is used later for energy. They are your body’s highest [...]

The Marathoners Weight Loss Diet

The Marathoners Weight Loss Diet By: Karla Adams There are a large number of people that use “marathoning” to aid in weight loss. Highly effective weight loss programs consist of weight training, cardio, and the right nutrition. “Marathoning” is a great way to increase how many calories you are expending in a day and get [...]

Increasing your speed for the for the long run

Lopergram Increasing your speed for the for the long run October 2008 If you have been running for a while and now want to start increasing your time taking an organized approach to your training routine and nutrition plan can make huge difference! Though the best way to become a better runner is to do lot [...]

Sendai Half Marathon – Ross Fisher

Ross Fisher Sendai Half Marathon by 2005 July 10, 2005 As part of the annual celebration of the Sister City relationship between Riverside and Sendai Japan, I had the great honor of being invited to participate in the Sendai International Half Marathon Race along with fellow Loper and personal trainer Karla Adams, as we represented the [...]

Dear La Rue, Muscle Magazine

Muscle Magazine Dear La Rue - Muscle Magazine 2006 La Rue: I absolutely love your MAG! They supply copies regularly here at the gym where I workout (Tournament House inMax Muscle Magazine Riverside, Ca) I read it faithfully and look forward to picking up each new issue. I especially like the articles on supplements and [...]