Boost Your Metabolism with Weight Training

                                    Fix Your Metabolism with Weight Training To reset a damaged metabolism, you have to adopt a different form of exercise. Bodybuilding training is a superior form of exercise for course-correcting metabolic function. The simple message here is [...]

Boost Your Metabolism with Weight Training2022-02-28T17:46:46-08:00

Increase Your Lean Mass with Protein

Fill up on Lean Protein Eating adequate protein is essential for a healthy diet, weight loss and important for increased muscle mass. Ensure you're eating the right types and amounts to help you reach your goal. The amount of protein you need will vary on your gender, age and activity level. However, if you're trying to [...]

Increase Your Lean Mass with Protein2022-02-28T17:46:46-08:00

Increase your Metabolic Rate

  Keys to speeding up your metabolism! You can speed up your metabolism by understanding a few things about your body and following simple tips. First, consuming the right foods will boost the rate at which your body burns calories. Protein, for instance, helps you build lean mass, while at the same time burning more [...]

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Body Fat Reduction

EXERCISE Regular weight training triggers a quicker metabolism and helps you reduce body fat. Weight training increases your lean mass, and this results in a faster metabolism because muscle burns more calories than fat. Twice or three times per week, train your body. You'll be doing more than just reducing your body fat, your heart, [...]

Body Fat Reduction2022-02-28T17:46:47-08:00

Cardio vs. Weight Training

Cardio vs. Weight Training By: Karla Adams For most, the solution to weight loss is to cut back on the meals and start doing lots of extra cardio. Most people feel this is the answer for burning up that extra fat, leaving us lean and toned and ready to show off our abs, right? Well [...]

Cardio vs. Weight Training2022-02-28T17:46:47-08:00

The Benefits of Private Yoga Lessons

The Benefits of Private Yoga Lessons Mod Amaya 6.30.2009 My cell phone rings and I answer, “This is Mod. You’re looking for yoga lessons? Great! I teach group classes and I also give private instruction.” The conversation goes back and forth for several minutes, until the potential student on the other end of the call decides that group classes [...]

The Benefits of Private Yoga Lessons2022-02-28T17:46:47-08:00

Engagement for Efficiency

Mod Amaya Engagement for Efficiency March 31st, 2009   I was sitting in a packed-out yoga studio when a very skilled teacher said one of the most profound things I’ve heard during my entire yoga career:  the more you engage your muscles, the faster the body will open up.  It makes complete sense, but it [...]

Engagement for Efficiency2016-06-14T13:49:47-07:00

Why Yoga?

Why Yoga? by: Mod Amaya ???????????????????????????????????? One of the most beneficial aspects of yoga is the fact that it can truly be for every “body.”  Yoga is so many things:  breathing,stretching, sitting, standing, toning, twisting, and doing absolutely nothing…sometimes all in the same moment.  As a result, this age-old practice can be attractive [...]

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Muscle Mary: On a Hot Sunday Afternoon

Muscle Mary: On A Hot Sunday Afternoon June 2008   On a hot Sunday afternoon, I decided to watch a little TV. I rarely have an opportunity so I thought I would. I came across this fantastic show on BBC America. The name of this great program is simply……. You Are What You Eat. Even across the [...]

Muscle Mary: On a Hot Sunday Afternoon2022-02-28T17:46:47-08:00
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