Exercise….the true ‘fountain of youth’

Nancy Mitchell Exercise….the true ‘fountain of youth   Fit Over 40 Exercise….the true ‘fountain of youth’ by Nancy Mitchell   Throughout history, explorers have searched the world over seeking the so-called “Fountain of Youth”. Legends have always claimed “Drink from this fountain and you will have eternal youth!” To the best of my knowledge, this [...]

Mitchell’s body builder beneath business suit

San Bernardino Sun Mitchell's body builder beneath business suit April 2007 Patricia Thio, Correspondent   Her fitted business suit and gentle handshake camouflage what this woman is all about. The only hint: her Superman logo necklace. During the day, Nancy Mitchell is a physician service representative for Quest Diagnostics, but the 51-year-old moonlights as a body [...]


GETTING IN BETTER SHAPE REQUIRES A SMART APPROACH Inland Empire Magazine By: Tammy Minn RIVERSIDE PERSONAL TRAINER Karla Adams isn't content with just chasing pounds away. She wants to change your life, too. "I'm successful when I've helped someone make a differ­ence in their lifestyle, their overall health," says Adams, 27, who is certified by [...]

Fall back into workouts without falling apart

Fall back into workouts without falling apart September 7, 2004 Press-Enterprise   Prevention For Life : Fall back into workouts without falling apart “New and returning people are encouraged to take it slow. Whether we're 40, 50 or older, we all like to think we can boost our heart rates and fling ourselves around the same [...]

Tips on Establishing New Habits

Oxygenfit News Letter Tips on Establishing New Habits: December 2007   By: Karla Adams Set goals with a date. A focus point gives you more motivation. Some motivating goals may be an event you have coming up, setting up some professional pictures to take with a photographer, a 5 or 10k race. The point is [...]


Muscle & Fitness hers THE WRITE STUFF September 9, 2008 Keeping a journal on all things related to exercise can help you reach even your loftiest fitness goals What are the two most important things you should bring to your workout? If you said your iPod and a bottle of water, you're all wet. The right [...]

What to eat for Long Distance training

What to eat for Long Distance training   By: Karla Adams, Lopergram CARBOHYDRATES: Carbohydrates are your body’s main source of energy. When eaten, they convert into glucose. Glucose is used by the body for energy or stored in the muscles and liver as glycogen, which is used later for energy. They are your body’s highest [...]

Get on the Ball

    Get on the Ball By: Karla Adams, Lopergram As an athlete, why get on the ball? Getting on the ball can help you reach any physical advancement goals you have as a runner/walker. How? A ball workout combines an unstable base of support (the ball) and a stable base of support (the floor). [...]

Testosterone | Experts say there can be serious side effects.

Experts say there can be serious side effects Those using testosterone playing dangerous game // ATHLETICS: Experts say there can be serious side effects and suggest safe and legal alternatives. July 29, 2006 By MIKE SCHWARTZ THE PRESS-ENTERPRISE Few substances ingested or injected by competitive athletes are surrounded by as much myth and misconception as testosterone. [...]

5 tips for achieving and keeping results!

1. The right exercise program : Not all exercise programs are equal! Not all interpretations of the same program are alike. The right exercise program will continue to make a difference in your physique and/or performance. If you do not see and/or feel a difference from your program, something needs tochange! You need to learn what type [...]