Doug Hamilton

  Doug Hamilton "I know when I leave the gym each time that I have been pushed to my limits.”     I’ve worked out with weights on and off since I started high school, knowing little of what I was really doing. Being motivated to work out and exercising consistently is tough. Working hard [...]

Doug Hamilton2022-02-28T17:46:46-08:00

Dennis Taub

  Dennis Taub "I’ve shed about fifteen unwanted pounds and feel much more fit.”   Writing testimonials has never been a strongpoint for me, but considering the fact that Karla and April have been so supportive and given such encouragement; I decided to give it a shot. I don’t know about you, but it's [...]

Dennis Taub2022-02-28T17:46:46-08:00

Kelly Webber

Kelly Webber "After my classes I feel energized with the “Yoga Buzz” and that I can take on anything that gets thrown my way."     I was 27 years old when I realized that I had hit rock bottom when it came to my health. We had stairs in my house and I would [...]

Kelly Webber2022-02-28T17:46:46-08:00

Barbara Spencer

  Barbara Spencer "It all began with a meal plan!” We all reach that magical age of 40+ and realize that we don't look the way we did at 20, nor can we lose those extra pounds as quickly as we did in our youth.  I've been very active all of my life with [...]

Barbara Spencer2022-02-28T17:46:46-08:00

Ralph Winn

Ralph and Karla Ralph Winn "Thanks Karla for your continued support and encouragement. I feel great, look better, and have more energy than I have had in a long time.”   I came to Karla Adams in January to help me prepare for a fitness competition. I weighted 203 lbs and had [...]

Ralph Winn2022-02-28T17:46:46-08:00

Crisa Herzog

Crisa Herzog " I feel great and it is all thanks to Karla the fitness master!!!"   Karla Adams has helped me make strategic choices about food and exercise!!  These are choices that I would have made sooner had I known the right choices to make for my specific goals.  I have always had [...]

Crisa Herzog2022-02-28T17:46:46-08:00

Judy Remele

Judy, Karla, Alan Judy Remele "Karla's advice works, it got the job done!"   Judy Remele is a loper and board member who has completed many marathons. Judy’s diet is already very healthy. She is a vegetarian who makes almost all of her food from scratch. However, while the food was healthy she [...]

Judy Remele2022-02-28T17:46:46-08:00

Sharon La Valle

Sharon Sharon La Valle "Sharon realized that she had hit a wall in her personal training and turned to Karla for professional advice"   Things Vegetarian’s need to know about! Marathon Training and There Nutrition Vegetarian’s training for marathons have different nutritional needs then one’s that are living a life style of little [...]

Sharon La Valle2022-02-28T17:46:46-08:00

Lynn Pletcher

Lynn Lynn Pletcher "I am pleasantly surprised how much my upper body strength and muscle endurance have improved in three months. "     My wife and I learned of Karla from our involvement with the Loma Linda Lopers.  I had been concerned about my lack of core and upper body strength.  I [...]

Lynn Pletcher2022-02-28T17:46:46-08:00

Linda Pletcher

Linda Pletcher Linda Pletcher "Karla works you hard but she gets results."     My purpose in working with Karla was to (1) lose the extra pounds gained from my physical inactivity while  pursuing my Bachelor’s degree while working full time, (2) decrease the time it was taking to complete a marathon, [...]

Linda Pletcher2022-02-28T17:46:46-08:00
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