Linda Coin

  Linda Coin "Living a healthy and balanced life!"   Dedicated to clean eating and living a healthy lifestyle!  

Don & Donna Luginbill

  Don & Donna Luginbill "Karla is the terminator with dimples! That said, I highly recommend Karla!"   written by Donna: Karla is the terminator with dimples! She looks sweet and nice while kicking your butt with a smile. I have been working out with Karla for about 8 months and have dropped over [...]

Jane Adams

  Jane Adams "40 pounds lighter and feeling much stronger and healthier than I did when I started!"     I have been working out with Karla now for 1- 1/2 years.  Prior to knowing Karla, I worked out pretty much every day and did long distance training on Saturday and Sunday.  I never [...]

Amy Davis

  Amy Davis "Healthy and fit is the best feeling!"   15 lbs lost in 2 months with the right combination of exercise, nutrition, and a character development program.   Fitness Photo Shoot Details 15 lbs lost in 2 months   Accomplishments:   Photo Shoots   KARLA ADAMS FITNESS PHOTOSHOOTS [...]

Gloria Perez

Gloria Perez "I'm a lifer. As long as Karla is here, I'm here!" HEALTHY LIFESTYLE FITNESS PHOTOSHOOT My name is Gloria Perez. Details Fit Business Professional   Accomplishments:   2 Photo Shoots   KARLA ADAMS FITNESS PHOTOSHOOTS

Yoko Boucher

  Yoko Boucher "If you want to keep your body in good shape, get Karla as your coach and follow her directions faithfully.  It really works and you will be happy."   Hello, my name is Yoko Boucher and I LOST 20 LBS!! I have maintained the weight for two years under the expert instruction [...]

Tracy Childs

  Tracy Childs Not only did I do a fitness photo shoot with Karla, I also competed in the Muscle Beach Bikini competition and placed 4th in my age group. Talk about a confidence builder at age 44!!! Karla Adams Rocks!!!   She's worth every penny!! I've been working with Karla Adams as my trainer and [...]

Shannon Frabasillo

  Shannon Frabasillio   3rd Place at the  2009 NPC Orange County Muscle Classic  Figure Competition       Fitness Competition PHOTOS Rocking the stage!

Ronnie Aguilera

  Ronnie Aguilera "I loved her program and philosophy. Her nutritional counseling and workout regimen is personalized and curtailed for YOUR specific goals." Exercise and eating healthy has always been a part of my lifestyle.  In the past, my exercise regimen consisted primarily of cardio based routines such as jogging and high and low [...]

Rachelle Merrihew

  Rachelle Merrihew "Karla believed in me and because of that I have been able to reach goals I never imagined" My name is Rachelle Merrihew and I have been a client of Karla Adams for the last 3 years. I went to Karla because I was looking for a change in my workout [...]