The Injury Recovery program is designed for people with injuries or people who have had surgeries that need a custom program to help with muscle balancing and corrective exercises.

Program Details:

  • Training tailored to your injury recovery
  • Program is designed to accommodate for low back issues, shoulder issues, knee issues, and knee surgeries.
  • Corrective exercises for muscle balancing (tight and weak muscles)
  • Lower inflammation, increase injury recovery and in some cases completely resolve the issue
  • Accommodates your physical needs for injury prevention

Member Success:

After a 30 year career as a firefighter, three knee surgeries and retirement, I was looking for a program that could be tailored to me and my injuries. I came to Karla Adams and she was able to create a program that made me comfortable to work out and not worry about hurting my knees further. After a year, I have lost 14” overall, 3% body fat and feel my legs are stronger and support my knees better than ever before. If you have injuries and think you can’t workout, come see Karla. She’ll show you that it is possible, and she’ll guide you through it!” – David Austin


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