Having a Mindset for Change – Positive vs. Negative
Before engaging in any workout regime, you must first develop a positive mindset, which takes commitment and perseverance. Doing so will allow you to achieve desirable results, both mentally and physically, that can positively affect your health and lifestyle. Although obtaining a proper mindset requires hard work and due diligence, you must also re-focus your philosophical reasoning and belief system in order to commit to living a healthy lifestyle. In other words, permanent change comes from changing your views and thoughts about food and exercise.

No one goes through life without being tested, or even challenged. Consider this startling statistic; Over 60% of Americans do not get the recommended amount of daily physical activity and over 25% of Americans are not active at all.

[1] Allowing such a trend to continue will surely result in much higher cases of obesity and diabetes. Therefore, in order to help remedy the situation, it is important to educate clients on the risks involved of not participating in any physical activity. Our main focus is to get clients in a mindset for change. In order to assist our clients to change their mindset into a positive one, we should organize a 5 step, easy to remember, process to allow them to fully commit to change. Many health professionals have agreed that this 5 step process, if properly implemented, can make change a simple transition.[2]

1.    Become aware of your habits– Track the clients pattern of behavior, how it gets triggered, etc. In other words, know specifically the plan of attack. This would allow us to pinpoint their weakness and turn it into a strength.

2.    Obstacles- Evaluate all possible obstacles as to why you are in a negative state of mind or have not achieved a desirable, healthy lifestyle (i.e. personal health problems, lack of confidence, etc.).

3.    Goal setting– Goals must be personal and attainable. If a client is given unrealistic expectations, they will surely fail. After all, the goal is to build confidence and a positive mindset. Write down simple steps to help in the transition to a better mindset and lifestyle.

4.    List Benefits involved– By following through the client’s goals and objectives, they are embarking on a journey of positive change and a healthy lifestyle. Having a positive mindset will surely produce the results you seek and deserve.

5.    Practice the new behavior– By practicing the new behavior, you are training your body and mind to accept the change. Behavioral psychologists agree that it can take anywhere between 3-4 weeks of repeating a practice before it becomes a habit.[3]

There are several ways that we can harness the power of change to work to our advantage. There are books, DVD’s, motivational speakers, etc. that can be used as great tools to help reprogram the mind and to use that positive mindset in everything we do. By helping a person change their negative state of mind into a positive one, we are not only building a foundation for them to succeed for life, but we are also building a life long relationship built on trust. It is important to educate clients that everything must begin with a positive mindset.

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