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karla_adams_footer_graphic_tempIncrease your knowledge on natural foods, increasing your metabolic rate, balancing digestive and/or health issues, and increase your lean mass while reducing body fat. After working with hundreds of members, Karla has learned how different we all are in how our body responds and our paths to success. Karla has a specific approach for ensuring the highest amount of success rate, not only for reaching your goal but creating a lifestyle out of it.

 “80% of results come from nutrition,” says Karla. “I love teaching my members how to make the change and make it a lifestyle!”

Out of 10% of the population that is able to establish a life-long habit of exercise, 75% are still not reaching their goal. Out of the 25% that do reach their goal, 90% of them are working with a professional that understands nutrition and the process of transformation.



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Get inspired by Karla Adams! Karla is a motivational speaker, fitness icon, lifestyle icon, and bikini competitor! 

If you are looking for a content-rich, inspirational speaker who will teach you the secrets to lifestyle transformation – then you have come to the right place to book motivational speaker Karla Adams!

Speaking to business professionals, schools, and clubs, Karla makes fitness, nutrition, life balance, and character development fun and easy to learn!

Karla loves seeing people change for the better, but more importantly–she loves teaching them how!

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  • Custom nutrition and exercise program
  • Body fat testing & measurement evaluations
  • Private club benifits
  • Free motivational events (including fitness mixers, power camps, & photo shoots)
  • Be a part of a community driven in clean eating and exercise
  • Have the opportunity to be featured in newsletters, magazines, and other media
  • Product discounts
  • Much more!


At Karla Adams, we believe that health and happiness are reached through lifestyle balance. balance happens when physical, intellectual, social, and emotional needs are met in a healthy way.



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