The Incredible Shrinking Man

The Incredible Shrinking Man

Mike & Cindy Gillette

“I almost gave up on losing those last few pounds, but now I know what it takes to get in to good physical shape at any age.”
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Unsure on how to help my husband in his plea to become a thinner man, I contacted the Karla Adams Fitness Gym, via Google.  I choose this as our first gym visit in another attempt to bring health to our household based on the accomplishments and comments posted on Karla’s website.

Our quest with Karla has been one amazing accomplishment after another.  My husband, Mike (aka “The Incredible Shrinking Man”), has t

ransformed his body to that of a 20 year old man. Hot! Hot!  My husband looks terrific in his clothes and his attitude on life has changed.  He feels and looks great, has discovered what a sit bone is and his surfing has improved, less board, more cutbacks!

But not only has Mike made leaps and bounds in his healthy life style, I too am now a lean person.  My doctor had made the statement that I am one of those “(a fat skinny person) I look thin in appearance, but my body fat states I’m overweight”. I have dropped more body fat than I ever thought was possible…Lean Healthy me!

Both Mike and I enjoy (and I do mean enjoy) the gym so much we never miss our work outs. Has this been a challenge?  Yes!  Eat Clean, Almond Butter, and Real Food, what does that all mean.  Well, it means you walk into the grocery store and make educated choices on the types of foods you will purchase and prepare.  No special foods, just REAL food items available.  Real foods really do taste wonderful. It’s a lesson that I have enjoyed with the help of Karla.  Mix the RIGHT stuff and be wowed by the results.  With my choices I AM able to impact our lives with good healthy foods.

Work outs for me had continuously been a discouragement, as after a workout I always felt ill.  When discussing Karla’s approach with us she had stated there was an introduction phase to excise.  We had never heard that term, each gym we participated at, was always full speed ahead, all or none!  Her approach to fitness has given me arms (aka “The Show Guns”), that I always wanted and much more!  Karla is an artist in her industry; she shapes bodies, to be healthy and fit.

I am so proud of my husband in so many ways.  Losing 60 PLUS POUNDS, is not an easy undertaking, but Mike makes it fun and enjoyable to all who were around him, witnessing his transformation.  Mike’s approach is comical, fun, lots of jokes, and never ending laughter. Yes I have goo-goo eyes for him!   There are golden years and we are living them!

Karla is an amazing, determined educator, motivator and life style changer.  She is ONE person WHO makes differences in each of her clients’ life.  The positive output of energy in Karla’s gym impacts all her clients.  Both Mike and I have not only seen huge changes in our life style, but all of Karla’s clients have miraculous results. It’s a FEEL good gym!

Our many thanks to Karla and her outstanding staff in their encouragement and eagerness in setting goals that where never known or discussed, just accomplished! WOW!!

With gratitude,
The Gillette’s

Age: 53
Body Fat 18% lost: over 60
lbs lost:

Age: 54
Body Fat % lost: 16% Body Fat
Weight Lost: Over 60 pounds!

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