Don & Donna Luginbill

“Karla is the terminator with dimples! That said, I highly recommend Karla!”
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written by Donna:

Karla is the terminator with dimples! She looks sweet and nice while kicking your butt with a smile. I have been working out with Karla for about 8 months and have dropped over 35 pounds and 3 1/2 dress sizes. There is no fooling around in her workout sessions. When you see her “subjects” compared to other trainer’s “subjects”, you can see a big difference. She gets results. My husband and I go on a lot of vacations and have still done really good with our weight loss and toning. One word of advice, don’t let her fool you with her “extra credit”. I think it is good for some crazy thing she might try to get you to eat or drink! That said, I highly recommend her as a trainer.




35 lbs lost!


Down 3 1/2 dress sizes!



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