Ralph and Karla

Ralph and Karla

Ralph Winn

“Thanks Karla for your continued support and encouragement. I feel great, look better, and have more energy than I have had in a long time.”

Lifestyle Transformation

I came to Karla Adams in January to help me prepare for a fitness competition. I weighted 203 lbs and had over 20% body fat. Karla gave me a step by step plan to help me achieve my goals of fat loss and lean muscle development. Karla’s nutritional plan took the guess work out of eating correctly.

She showed me how to eat a balanced and nutritious diet that would help me achieve my goals. Her qualified training staff helped me work hard in the gym and to push myself to new levels.  90 days after I started Karla’s program, I lost a total of 26Lbs and reduced my body fat in half!

My waist size went from 36’ to 32’. I’m 46 years old and I can honestly say, this is the best I’ve looked and felt ever.

Thanks Karla and Staff for helping me achieve my goals.



Lost a total of 26 lbs!



Ralph and Karla

Ralph and Karla

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