Dale Kinnear

“I have become a believer in personal trainers but more importantly, I am confident and appreciative of the skills of Karla Adams. She has my strongest recommendation”
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How can one describe Karla Adams’ approach to personal training? Well, she mixes a spoonful of advice, a cup of cardiovascular challenges, pounds of weightlifting, a taste of nutrition with plenty of enjoyment to create a fitness program that brings results. She uses only proven ingredients in her recipe – motivation, structure, expertise, efficiency and encouragement. Karla’s approach is a recipe for success. I know this firsthand.

Although I began working under Karla in January, 2003, my enthusiasm for a personal trainer and complete support in her emerged a few months later. When I committed to training, I signed on for three months. It was not a difficult decision to continue with my commitment since I experienced positive results – weight loss, improved strength and balance. More importantly, I felt a change in attitude as it related to confidence and lifestyle.

Frankly, when I started, I really couldn’t do much. A short stint on the stationary bike, a few lunges while holding on to something for balance and lifting some light weights was plenty for me to manage. “Little by little, one walks far”. Now, 16 months later and 82 pounds lighter, I am very active and I’m beginning to consider myself athletic. Although I worked hard, I really do have Karla to thank!

Specifically, how did she help me? First, Karla provided motivation and a structured program that helped anchor me in a sustained effort. I was paying an expert for three days a week of training and I had to do it. Later, I started to do cardio on additional days because I saw results and I wanted additional value from my investment. From day one, weightlifting, stability and balance have been a part of Karla’s routine. I never would have placed such an emphasis on these areas without Karla’s expertise. She has a strong understanding of the functions of the body and designs her fitness plans accordingly. Along the way, Karla has always given me encouragement to go beyond what I thought was possible. An example that comes to mind is push ups (yuk!). I started with just a few and gradually increased, with Karla’s ever present insistence on using good form. We graduated to doing push-ups with my hands on a ball rather than on the stable floor. In a couple of months, I was proud that I could do over 30 successful ball pus-ups! Shortly thereafter, I celebrated turning 49 years old and asked Karla if she thought I could do 50 of them by my next birthday. “No problem” was her reply. At last count, I completed 100 ball push ups and I still have five months to go! Finally, Karla’s passion and enthusiasm for fitness and nutrition is evident in everything we do and truly becomes contagious.

I have become a believer in personal trainers but more importantly, I am confident and appreciative of the skills of Karla Adams. She has my strongest recommendation.


Age: 51

Goals Achieved: Lost: 97 lbs, Improve strength and stability.

Longest Distance ran: 13.1 miles

Ball push-ups: 100!!


June 2004

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June 2004

Top Ten Training Tips for Karla’s New Clients

By: Dale Kinnear


  1. Never complain: Complaining motivates the trainer to do bad things to you.
  2. Do not talk during difficult exercises: Talking causes Karla to lose count. The new count is never in your favor.
  3. Grunt throughout tough routines: Sometimes Karla thinks an exercise is easier than it really is. Learn to grunt to show her you’re working hard.
  4. Laugh at your trainer’s jokes: It can be awkward when Karla laughs at her own jokes and you don’t join in.
  5. Humor your trainer: When your trainer thinks she’s cute and good because she tricked you into something, tell her so.
  6.  Always agree with Karla’s “philosophy of the day” statements: For example, tell your trainer that you believe “happiness is a state of mind.” Translate it into words Karla understands, say things like, “I enjoy running up hill. The bigger the hill, the happier I am.”
  7. At all costs, avoid discussions on nutrition: A two minute reply to a question about nutrition will take at least 20 minutes of talking by Karla. And, she’ll expect that you do as she says.
  8. Never say you like or dislike a particular exercise: To the degree possible, remain neutral about your feelings regarding all types of exercises. If you tell Karla you like something, you’ll do it until you dislike it. If you tell her that you don’t like an exercise, you’ll do it until you hate it even more.
  9. Never ever pay attention to your trainer when she compares your performance on an exercise to that of another client: Karla makes things up!
  10. Never feel obligated to share all information with your trainer: There are some things that Karla has no business asking about. The size of my one martini is an example of this.

Strict adherence to these ten rules will make your training time with Karla more enjoyable.

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