Breanne Hardgrave

“I now understand what I am doing, and how it is benefiting me at the cellular level”

Healthy Lifestyle

After graduating High School, I soon learned that staying in shape for me takes work. I’m not naturally thin, and have struggled with weight throughout college and in between relationships. We all know how easy it is to get distracted in what we are doing when it comes to our health. I was also in a major boating accident, and let that be another excuse of why I wasn’t able to stay fit.

While I was at the gym following “my own program” and not seeing much result, I met Karla. I have always wanted to learn a healthy lifestyle from someone who actually looked and played the part. What a better person to take lessons from, than Karla herself! I was concerned that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the tasks due to my injuries, but she pushed me into believing in myself, and I quickly excelled.

Right after signing up with Karla’s program, I got engaged! I used the upcoming wedding date as my goal for weight loss. Soon I began to realize that I was making a lifestyle change and wanted to not only get fit just for the wedding, but to stay fit AFTER! Every bride wants toned arms because that is usually what shows most on your wedding day. Not only have I been able to tone my arms, I have also slimmed down the rest of my body; Seeing results in a slim waist, as well as toned back, chest, and legs. I have been able to lose 40 lbs. and go from a size 12 to a size 4 dress that I just wore for my engagement pictures!

Karla’s program has not only helped me lose weight, gain muscle and lose body fat, but I have also been educated in how it all works. I now understand what I am doing, and how it is benefiting me at the cellular level. My food choices are healthier, I actually look forward to workouts, and it all became a natural choice for me. I want to do these things, rather than feel like I have to.

Make healthy a habit! It is doable!


40lbs. lost! Went from size 12 to 4



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Fit Bride

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