Patti Thomas

Karla has helped me in more ways than she know’s. Now I have a 60 year old Rockin’ Goddess Body!”
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This July I turned 60. Last year when I turned 59, I felt fat, ugly, old, unhealthy, unhappy and depressed. I knew I had to do something. I was in a deep dark hole and I did not have the strength to pull myself out of it. I internet searched and found Karla in Sept 2012. I made a commitment to her that I would follow her instructions, working out 3 times a week and eating the proper nutrition. The first few months I only lost inches, but then the pounds started falling off of me. As of July 2013 I have lost 30 pounds, 45 inches and 14% body fat. This last year has been my life transformation. I look and feel younger than I have in years.

This last weekend I was at the beach (in my 2 piece bathing suit) with my 6 year old grandson Marley. He was playing with another 6 year old little girl. Her grandmother came up to me to introduce herself. She asked me how old my daughter Corey is (Marley’s mom), and I told her 31. She said “You don’t look old enough to have a 31 year old daughter”. When I told her I was 60, her jaw just about hit the sand. This is just one example, I get this reaction almost everyday.

Karla and her team have helped me in more ways than they know. Not just the weight loss, firming, toning and proper nutrition but I have also found support, encouragement, and friendship. Best of all, I have found myself!!! Now I have a 60 year old Rockin’ Goddess body, in only 10 months.

Hey, if I can do this at 60, you can do this! Once your body becomes strong, it will carry over into all areas of your life.


Age: 60
Weight Lost: Over 30 lbs
Body Fat Lost: 14%
Inches lost: 45 in.

Patti Thomas

Patti Thomas

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