Judy, Karla, Alan

Judy, Karla, Alan

Judy Remele

“Karla’s advice works, it got the job done!

Lifestyle Transformation

Healthy Lifestyle

Judy Remele is a loper and board member who has completed many marathons. Judy’s diet is already very healthy. She is a vegetarian who makes almost all of her food from scratch. However, while the food was healthy she still did not have the necessary balance of protein-carbohydrate-fat to recover from her long miles. She was feeling fatigued and low in energy. She also wished to tone up more and was puzzled that with all the running she was doing her body weight had stayed at 139 for the past 2 years. Judy was not getting the tone look that she wanted.

Judy had low amounts of energy during and after her runs because her body was not getting what it needed, which affected her recovery. By changing her diet, adding additional Amino Acids, supplements, and a weight training routine, her muscles started recovering. Thus, increasing her lean muscle mass, which made her feel stronger immediately. Her body then needed more calories to function, therefore burning the excess fat. Judy feels good during and after her runs, because her muscles are recovering. Judy is now an optimally fit runner that is recovering from her routine and is getting stronger in the process. She is also reducing her fat without losing the muscle. Judy is now weighing in at 133lbs. thus 6 lbs lost. Her pant size drop from 8 to a size 6, and she has a new PB (personal best) in her last marathon by taking 6 minutes off her time, all in 5 weeks. Judy’s say’s, “the advice works, it got the job done.”


6 lbs lost


From a size 8 to a 6!




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