Jane Adams

Jane Adams

“40 pounds lighter and feeling much stronger and healthier than I did when I started!”
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I have been working out with Karla now for 1- 1/2 years.  Prior to knowing Karla, I worked out pretty much every day and did long distance training on Saturday and Sunday.  I never seemed to lose weight , though.  I was pretty healthy but I was overweight.  So, I went to Karla to see if having a trainer would help me learn how to lose the weight I needed to lose.  A year and a half later I’m 40 pounds lighter and feel much stronger and healthier than I did when I started.  My marathon times have improved significantly and my recovery time after a marathon is much faster.

Not only has Karla given me challenging strength training exercises to do and a good nutrition plan,  she also has challenged me to look at all parts of my life and see how they interface.  It’s not just about what I eat and how much I exercise but also the amount of sleep I get, how my emotions are and what my mental state of mind is.  Karla has clarified for me that all of those factors are important in gaining and maintaining healthy habits and a healthy weight.

One question I get asked is why I keep working with a trainer….in a year and a half wouldn’t you now know all the exercises and the nutrition plan and you could just do it yourself?   Well, the answer to that is yes, I do know them and I could do them on my own.  However, I enjoy the challenges that Karla gives me when she changes up the exercises, increases the weight and keeps me thinking about how it all fits together.  I would highly recommend Karla to anyone who needs an extra boost to get them on track or someone who just wants to get in the best physical, mental and emotional state that they can.  Karla is motivating and pushes her clients to be the best that they can.



40 lbs lighter!



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Jane Adams

Jane Adams

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