Dennis Taub

Dennis Taub

I’ve shed about fifteen unwanted pounds and feel much more fit.

Lifestyle Transformation

Writing testimonials has never been a strongpoint for me, but considering the fact that Karla and April have been so supportive and given such encouragement; I decided to give it a shot. I don’t know about you, but it’s always been very difficult for me to muster up the motivation to really put forth the effort and dedication needed for true fitness. I’ve always stayed in decent shape without putting myself out too much. I’ve never been the type to go too crazy about watching everything I eat and drink. I always have drank way too much soda, diet soda but still soda. I’ve since learned that any soda is too much based on what it does to your body. I am still guilty from time to time, but I am making the effort. My diet really has been lacking as far as proper foods and nutrients. My exercise regimen has been minimal.

I began running back in 1996 and did a fair amount of training as far as just the running part. I was told it would be beneficial to do some other types of cross training such as cycling or weights. I never really took the time to do it and I probably suffered as far as my actual results for the first marathon that I tried. I wanted to complete it within 4 hours and I ended up with 4:09. That’s not too bad for a first time marathon, but just a little more effort and there is probably a very good chance I would have made my goal. The following year I lost the motivation to continue and I slacked off completely as far as my exercising. Sound familiar? I believe we all become guilty of it at some time or another.

This is where people like Karla and April come in. They are that extra push to go another step. They become that second voice when you are trying to convince yourself that you can go ahead and have that extra helping or that really high calorie desert. You always know that they are there to support you if you need them. They become a friend and not just a trainer. I believe this is what you really need if you want to really succeed at becoming the best that you can be. Sorry, the cliché was unintentional. But, it is true. I believe that they want the person that they are helping to become what they see in them even if that individual doesn’t see it.

I began running again back in 2010 with the Riverside Road Runners. This is where I had my first contact with April Smith who works with Karla. She was talking about the added benefits of incorporating some additional training to make your running stronger. As I stated, I’ve never really had the inkling to do weights much. It just was always hard for me for whatever reason. April and Karla are just what I needed to give me that extra
knowledge as far as what it could do for my overall health. They really push the nutrition part of health and how important it is as well. I’ve shed about fifteen unwanted pounds and feel much more fit. I still have goals to achieve and I know that if I put the effort into following the lifestyle choices they recommend, I will get there.

Anyone looking for someone that will push you in the right direction, I highly recommend Karla Adams Fitness Corporation.




10lbs. Lost!

10% Body Fat Lost!

8lbs. Muscle Gained!


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