Fix Your Metabolism with Weight Training

To reset a damaged metabolism, you have to adopt a different form of exercise. Bodybuilding training is a superior form of exercise for course-correcting metabolic function.

The simple message here is to “cardio less” and “lift more.” But what type of weight training works best for hitting the metabolic and hormonal reset button?

For all the bashing traditional bodybuilding training takes, it’s still the superior form of exercise in course-correcting metabolic and hormonal function.

In fact, whole-body or body-part weight training done in complexes from supersets to tri-sets (strength-density training) is an even better approach.

Instead of focusing strictly on load (the weight on the bar), realize the benefits of rep-centric training: 15-20 reps per set with low-rep strength sets sprinkled in.

People suffering with these issues don’t need to be caught up in low-rep strength protocols, or worse, a training style that exacerbates the problem by continually training them to exhaustion.

Effective workouts don’t have to be all-out efforts. Breathing should be labored but not to the point of panting. This will ensure adequate intra-workout recovery and thus lends to inter-workout recovery as well.

And when it comes to resting within your workout, don’t time it. External measuring is nonsense. Recovery between sets should be determined by your answer to this question: “Am I ready to do the next set with equal or greater intensity?”

The bottom-line is this: If you’ve damaged your metabolic and hormonal regulating system because of dieting, you have to accept that your body didn’t do this to you, you did this to your body. And you can fix it.