Oxygenfit News Letter

Tips on Establishing New Habits:

December 2007


By: Karla Adams

Set goals with a date. A focus point gives you more motivation. Some motivating goals may be an event you have coming up, setting up some professional pictures to take with a photographer, a 5 or 10k race. The point is to make a big deal out of achieving your goals.


Find a friend to workout with. This makes it more fun and sets up an appointment which makes you less likely to get caught up in other life stuff. Find someone who is interested. If you really want to find someone, you will! There are a lot of ladies wanting a workout partner to help keep them motivated.


Do lots of reading. Reading helps by strengthening your focus on your goals. Remember you are trying to reprogram your brain. Feed your brain a constant stream of information that is about staying fit!

Make fitness a life changing event and teach your kids to do this too!