Muscle & Fitness hers THE WRITE STUFF September 9, 2008 Keeping a journal on all things related to exercise can help you reach even your loftiest fitness goals What are the two most important things you should bring to your workout? If you said your iPod and a bottle of water, you're all wet. The right [...]

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Mom’s on the Run

Oxygenfit News Letter: Mom's on the Run, December 2007 By: Karla Adams   Does having a baby or taking care of kids mean no time for exercise or no time to eat right? No way! How can you not exercise or eat right! I know, I know time is always a factor. What that means is [...]

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Lifestyle for Results

Oxygenfit News Letter: Lifestyle for Results December 2007    By: Karla Adams Did you make a nutrition plan yet? Need a good place to start? Research is the first place to start! There are many great nutrition plans on the market. I recommend finding one put together by a professional that you work with or in a [...]

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Top 10 Convenient, Low Cost Health Food Choices

Top 10 Convenient, Low Cost Health Food Choices Karla Adams Fitness Corporation Everyone, at one point or another, dreams about being in great physical condition. However, the work involved in obtaining that body often takes a lot of work and commitment, which many people aren’t willing to do for various reasons, such as long working [...]

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