Miss Riverside & Little Miss Fit

Health, Fitness, and Fashion Extravaganza!
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We would like to invite you to participate in the Miss Riverside Fitness Pageant. The pageant will take place at the Karla Adams Health and Fitness Fair July, 2016 at the Victoria Club.

Local women that have been highly dedicated to their fitness and nutrition routines will compete and will share with the audience what has kept them motivated and how they would like to influence the health trends of society. The pageant will be judges by a judging panel of fitness celebrity judges.

This is a time for you to showcase all your hard work and dedication! We believe your participation in the Miss Riverside Fitness Pageant will influence and motivate the community in Riverside to pursue healthier lifestyles.

Our goal is to start an emotional movement toward healthier living with regular exercise and clean eating! Over 3 trillion dollars is spent every year under the umbrella of health or weight loss and we are statistically get worse with each generation. Join us to empower new trends that affect our young and population in bettering their habits over time! Our personal testimony of why we do thing and how we made the change is one of the most powerful things we can give to another. We all give away what we have good, bad and neutral. Now is the time to put as much power as possible into giving away the good! We (people) need it!


Little Miss Riverside winner Miss Riverside Fitness Pageant winner
The following prizes will be awarded to the overall winners of the Miss Riverside Fitness Pageant
$500 cash + Photoshoot with Robert Reiff + Elisabetta Rogiani outfit

Gift card to Clarks and Egg Whites International

Gift card to Clarks and Egg Whites International




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