We invite you to become a sponsor or vendor at the 5th Annual Karla Adams Foundation Motivational Event Series coming to Riverside in 2018. We are titling this year’s event after Ms. Jen Bricker life story “Everything Is Possible” where Jen will be telling her story & performing an Arial acrobatic piece. Jen’s testimony of “Everything is Possible” is truly inspirational and has been shared in many countries all over the world! She is paying forward her beautiful mindset and inspiring other to do the same!

As a sponsor, depending on the level of sponsorship you choose, you will receive up to 1 year of marketing for your business leading up to the event. This will be a very powerful way to find new customers/clientele or strengthen your brand’s exposure with Riverside residents. The Karla Adams Foundation is dedicated to only promoting companies that increase and improve the health and well-being of the community. We will be spending over 30k on the custom marketing bundle for the contestants of the challenges. Now is your chance to be on the forefront of our marketing campaign to affect health trends for the better!

Statistically, 80% of the world’s ideas come from marketing. We are almost 200 years into the information age where people have more at their fingertips regarding knowledge about health and fitness than ever before. Not to mention, trillions of dollars are spent every year under the umbrella of health. Still, statistics show we are not using the knowledge that is available to us. Thus, obesity as at an all-time high!

We see our part in helping with a solution by educating the community on the process of change to set up challenges that act as vessels for participants to alter themselves for the better. Knowledge becomes habit when it reaches the super, super unconscious level in the brain. It takes ten months for it to start kicking into our subconscious. When we are educating others on the process of self-improvement, it becomes ingrained in us. Then, we can pay it forward in the most powerful way. That is, we can influence the ones closest to us while permanently imprinting the habit on our own lives.

Our event challenges are also our marketing campaign. Because 80% of the world’s ideas come from marketing and media, we have designed our marketing campaigns to teach the community residents how to make positive changes in their lives and how to empower themselves with healthfulness and positive well-being.

Become a sponsor today and be a part of an exciting monumental movement toward healthier living and optimistic thinking. People can influence change in other people. And, the most powerful way to do that is by energizing and awakening a “pay it forward” mindset. Now is the time for change. Now is the time to get the job done!