Nancy Mitchell

Exercise….the true ‘fountain of youth


Fit Over 40

Exercise….the true ‘fountain of youth’

by Nancy Mitchell


Throughout history, explorers have searched the world over seeking the so-called “Fountain of Youth”. Legends have always claimed “Drink from this fountain and you will have eternal youth!”

To the best of my knowledge, this fountain only exists in legends…or does it? Have you ever noticed that people who exercise routinely and watch their diet, usually look and act younger than their biological age? There are probably many reasons for this phenomenon.

Certainly the scientific benefits of exercise have been documented in numerous publications and medical journals: increased metabolism, improved cardiovascular system, lower cholesterol and blood pressure, etc.

But, is this the “entire” story? It has always been my belief that the answer is much deeper. Perhaps it lies on a spiritual level. After all, the mind, body and spirit should function as one!

I know that if I go to the gym after a stressful or difficult day at work, even after a long, strenuous workout, I feel refreshed and relaxed, and rejuvenated!. The same feeling happens if I run a few miles, the endorphins “kick in” and I feel happy! These elated feelings then cross over into other areas of my life and make me feel that I can take on ANY and EVERY challenge that awaits me. Bring them on!!!

If you are over 40 and have been a basic “coach potato” since high school or college, don’t let this deter you from starting and maintaining a regular exercise program as you get older.  You can do it!!!

We have all heard the old saying….you’re NEVER too old to start! This is especially true with regards to exercise,  the ONLY true and everlasting “Fountain of Youth”.