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Client Testimonial: Doug Hamilton

Hi, my name is Doug, and I’ve been working with Karla on and off for about 12 or 13 years. I am legally blind due to my diabetes, a condition I’ve had since I was about three years old. My vision has progressively worsened over the years, reaching a point of pretty low vision at this stage. Karla has been really good about working with me and helping me adapt to my vision limitations.

I have been diabetic since childhood, and the vision loss is a result of my diabetes. Around 2019, I underwent a kidney-pancreas transplant due to kidney damage caused by diabetes. Fortunately, the transplant has been successful, and I’m not diabetic at the moment. I understand that it might recur in the future, but for now, I’m taking advantage of my improved health.

I started working with Karla again in mid-December of last year. Since then, I’ve lost about 40 pounds, just under, through Karla’s guidance. We began with Zoom training, something new for me, which is convenient as I don’t have to leave the house or share equipment with anyone. I was around 210 pounds, and my main goal was weight loss and reducing body fat without losing too much muscle. The approach has worked well, incorporating drop sets, various balance exercises, squats, deadlifts, and focusing on a healthier diet by cutting out processed foods.

Currently, I’m down to about 170 pounds, and my cardio endurance has significantly improved. I push myself harder during workouts, progressing from five minutes of moderate-paced flat incline to 45 minutes to an hour on a steeper incline. I’ve also noticed improved stability, being able to do one-leg squats without needing external support. It’s rewarding to see positive results.

For anyone out there feeling discouraged or thinking they’re too out of shape or have physical limitations, I’d say there’s always something you can do to improve your condition, even if it’s just a little bit. Keep pushing yourself; there’s value in the effort.

Client Testimonial: Cherie Cruther

My name is Cherie Crutcher. My goal is to mostly maintain a healthy lifestyle, stay fit, and balance my busy schedule as a mom, business professional, grandmother, MBA student, and try to find the balance with my busy life. I’ve always worked out in the gym my entire life and played sports with my kids, in the gym every week, and joining women’s sports.

About one year ago, I had hip surgery on my hip and was down for about three months. I was told that it would be about a year of recovery, which was very devastating for me because I had just recovered from a surgery 4 years ago.

One of the biggest and hardest things for me, both mentally and physically, was accepting the fact that I was injured. I’m someone who will push myself to the max, and my mindset of pushing is probably what got me injured the second time. I did have a loose tailbone from the surgery 4 years ago, but I remember being in the gym pushing myself the wrong way. I’m a person who always sets a goal. I do not like it when someone tells me I can’t do something; that makes me want to do it more just to prove them wrong.

I have been friends with Karla Adams a long time, and she started talking to me about her injury recovery program and customizing a nutrition plan.

Karla took me step by step after my doctor released me from physical therapy. She created an exercise plan from the physical therapist’s recommendations. Karla spent a great amount of time with me, we did an evaluation every week. Karla really took the time to understand where I was, not just physically, but my physical challenges, and also the mental challenges that I was having, fears to go back in the gym. I really appreciate that. I could tell that her focus was really to help me get back to that lifestyle, and balance out the food. I’ve always followed trainers, trying the latest fad diet. I’ve always been big into Keto and intermittent fasting. Karla showed me that it’s not balanced to do a keto plan with how athletic I am. She created a custom nutrition plan with an extensive evaluation process that matches my body and my busy lifestyle.

We set up time privately and in classes to evaluate and train. I would work out in my garage or the gym virtually; I would tell people that Karla was my pocket trainer. That was my favorite thing to say, that she was my pocket trainer.

My body is probably in the best shape that I have been in since college. I’ve seen definition in my arms, my legs, focusing on every part of my body and just seeing a huge difference in my body. Not just losing weight but building muscle. And I am finally back in full mode with my workout. I remember calling Karla and said, ‘I think I’m finally satisfied with my body right now.’ That was a happy moment for me, and I’ve been able to maintain. Everywhere I go, I’ve had people stop me and say, ‘Wow, you look absolutely amazing.’ It was Karla and her programs. I truly appreciate what Karla has done, helping me get my life back.

Quotes: “I remember calling Karla and said, ‘I think I’m finally satisfied with my body right now.’ That was a happy moment for me, and I’ve been able to maintain.” “I feel a lot more educated and empowered about my nutrition plan.” “That was my favorite thing, that I would say to everybody, she’s my pocket trainer because I would.” “I truly appreciate what Karla has done, helping me get my life back. My body is probably in the best shape it has been since college.”

Client Testimonial: Elvia Harrison

My name is Elvia Harrison. I started working with Karla Adams a year ago to lose 10-15 lbs. The weight has slowly been coming off. I have lost approximately 20.5 inches from my body, 10 lbs on the scale, 12% body fat, and my body has been transforming. When I hired Karla as my coach, I was only concerned about losing weight, but she has taught me that it’s not just about shedding pounds—it’s about understanding my personal metabolism profile.

We discovered that my profile indicates I have athletic muscles, meaning they have muscle memory from playing sports in the past or from genetics passed down in the family line. This means that I build muscle much faster when on the right formula. So, the scale hardly moved for me, but the inches flew off, and my body kept shrinking, looking very athletic.

Karla has helped me understand the exercise science nutrition program, kept me on track, and if I get distracted, she’s right there to put me back on track and remind me of my goals.

I am still working on my goals, but I am no longer obsessed with the weight on the scale. So, if you are looking to get started or are, like me, wanting to lose those last few lbs., I recommend that you get started and give Karla Adams a call to get you in the program that works for you.”

Client Testimonial: Linda

“My name is Linda. I am 60 years old. I’ve actually been following Karla and have been considering joining her gym. I started training with Karla in February. Karla is my fourth trainer. She is the only trainer that I’ve made great progress with. I am down 18 inches and 15 lbs! I have gained so much knowledge on how important it is not to skip meals. Seeing my results has been so motivating to stick to it! It’s so nice to fit back into my dresses. I will continue to work on maintaining my weight even after I reach my goal weight.

I couldn’t have come this far without Karla. She really helped me to learn how my body works. I’m so grateful for her. This will definitely be a way of life for me!”

Client Testimonial: Etienne and Tina Caroline

Retirement and Covid-19… that’s not quite the lifestyle change we were looking for! We are Etienne and Tina Caroline and this is our story! My husband and I are no different than other 65+ year olds who have been retired a few years. There comes a time when we think to ourselves, “We’ve got to change how we eat and move… otherwise it’s all going downhill from here!”

As the scale kept increasing, we decided that enough was enough! Thankfully I had the pleasure of meeting Karla Adams. I told her that my husband and I wanted to lose weight and exercise more strategically. WE WANTED RESULTS!!! Little did we know that a lifestyle change would bring the results we wanted. After our initial meeting with Karla, we knew this was a fresh new approach and we dared to dream that Karla’s focus of Educate. Motivate. Change. was the successful plan we were praying for! It was more than a diet; it was a lifestyle change that would likely forever change our lives. One of the most exciting aspects of this clean eating program are the green shake options which were a “game changer. The shakes helped us to lower our sugar intake and decrease food cravings. Bloating became a thing of the past and our joints began to ache less!

My advice? Contact Karla Adams and she’ll walk you through the program. You’ll be so glad you took this step to make a difference in your health journey!

Tina & Etianne