Meet Featured Client: Mary Newton

I was in the best shape of my life, and then in 2009 I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Here's where the story of the lifestyle really begins... In 2005 I decided to do a marathon with my friend for health & weight loss and also wanted to know more about it.  And so, [...]

Meet Featured Client: Mary Newton2022-08-10T14:30:57-07:00

Karla Adams: Driving the Journey of Change

By Sarah El Shazly A pillar in the local health, wellness, and fitness industry, Karla Adams has committed her life’s journey to positivity, growth, and development of the self and others. In today’s fast-changing world, Karla refuses to follow trends; instead, she dedicates her professional and personal life towards creating trends to drive people to change their [...]

Karla Adams: Driving the Journey of Change2022-02-28T17:46:45-08:00

Who’s Who of the I.E. – March 2017 Inland Empire Magazine Feature

The Fastest Growing Fitness Company In Riverside Inland Empire’s leader in transformation, Karla Adams, is soaring to the top of the Fitness Industry and taking her members with her. For over 16 years Karla Adams has helped hundreds of members get into the best shape of their lives by combining the power of nutrition, exercise, [...]

Who’s Who of the I.E. – March 2017 Inland Empire Magazine Feature2022-02-28T17:46:46-08:00

Press Release | New Location

For over 17 years, Karla Adams, Inland Empire’s leader in Transformation has helped hundreds of clients get into the best shape of their lives combining nutrition, exercise, and character development programs. The members of her club come from all walks of life—from celebrities, politicians, students, housewives, and business executives. The Karla Adams Club is [...]

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Having a Mindset for Change – Positive vs. Negative

Having a Mindset for Change – Positive vs. Negative 9.22.2010 Before engaging in any workout regime, you must first develop a positive mindset, which takes commitment and perseverance. Doing so will allow you to achieve desirable results, both mentally and physically, that can positively affect your health and lifestyle. Although obtaining a proper mindset requires hard work [...]

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Tips on Establishing New Habits

Oxygenfit News Letter Tips on Establishing New Habits: December 2007   By: Karla Adams Set goals with a date. A focus point gives you more motivation. Some motivating goals may be an event you have coming up, setting up some professional pictures to take with a photographer, a 5 or 10k race. The point is [...]

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Lifestyle for Results

Oxygenfit News Letter: Lifestyle for Results December 2007    By: Karla Adams Did you make a nutrition plan yet? Need a good place to start? Research is the first place to start! There are many great nutrition plans on the market. I recommend finding one put together by a professional that you work with or in a [...]

Lifestyle for Results2022-02-28T17:46:47-08:00

5 tips for achieving and keeping results!

1. The right exercise program : Not all exercise programs are equal! Not all interpretations of the same program are alike. The right exercise program will continue to make a difference in your physique and/or performance. If you do not see and/or feel a difference from your program, something needs tochange! You need to learn what type [...]

5 tips for achieving and keeping results!2022-02-28T17:46:49-08:00
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